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Institutional Historical Review

The Liceo Maurilio Alvarado Vargas began its teaching activities in 1952 under the administration of Mr. Otilio Ulate Blanco as a complementary school up to the third year of secondary education. Under the leadership of teacher Maurilio Alvarado Vargas, a group of students, parents and neighbors organized themselves to petition the government for the creation of the educational institution. Due to the growing enthusiasm, the government sends a delegate to analyze the situation of the creation of a school.

The history of Liceo Maurilio Alvarado Vargas stems from the need for students who had completed primary education to be able to choose to continue with their secondary studies, and later access university education without having to emigrate to the central valley.


The deputy for Tilarán, Mr. Hernán Vargas Castro, who managed to get a party in Congress to put the complementary school into operation. in 1952  Said school opens its doors to children from Tilaran in order to continue with secondary education.  In recognition of his hard work and effort on behalf of the students, teacher Maurilio Alvarado is appointed as director of said school. For building they are given an old house without comforts. The students responded to the new challenge by winning the subjects they were taking with excellent grades.  


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